I lost my account how do I get it back?

First of all, DO NOT Panic. 

1. If your account was connected with Google/Game Center or Facebook in the Settings, you should be able to restore your progress just by accessing the settings.

Step 1.

Go to the SETTINGS

Step 2.



Step 3.

Pick the correct Service your account was connected with.


Step 4.

You should be forced to pick your profile. Pick the one you would like to restore.

IMPORTANT>In some cases you will have to click on LINK ACCOUNT twice, before you are forced to select your profile.


2. If it does not work or your account was not connected to any service, please contact the Support. 

  • Connect with the Support using HELP in the Menu Bar!
  • Add User ID Number of the account you want to recover
  • If you do not remember your User ID Number, include your User NameClanAvatar and a Flag
  • If you have ever made a purchase, please add one of the receipts. 

Can I have two accounts on one device?

No, you can only have one account per device.

Can I delete my account?

Players can't delete their game accounts and at the moment we are not providing an option to delete an account.