Backend Engineer


We are looking for passionate and talented developers who are motivated, results-oriented and strong team players with a common objective of developing and delivering high quality products.


Omnidrone is looking for a motivated server engineer who has a passion for learning and has a strong interest for the gaming industry. In this role, you will add scalable game features that can support millions of users.

What you will do

  • Design, develop and deploy server-side features and APIs for Omnidrone's games.

  • Implement services that often generate significant revenue impact for the company. Examples include matchmaking, tournaments, in-app purchasing conduits, etc

  • Ensure that Omnidrone's games and services maintain high uptime (“three nines”) and low latency (sub 100 and sub 50 millisecond latency).

  • Build modern systems using: Redis, DynamoDB, AutoScaling, ElastiSearch, etc.

  • Web development with Angular

What you need

  • BS in Computer Science or related degree

  • Comprehension of CS principles: data structures, trees and graphs, object oriented programming

  • Good knowledge of C# or Java

  • Have worked with, and have a strong understanding, of AWS or other major cloud provider

  • Understanding and working knowledge of different database technologies (both relational and NoSQL), caching solutions, and queue technologies

  • Several years working on backend technologies