Level Designer

As part of the game design team, you will be creating consistently thrilling levels that support the games' core vision. Good levels with the right amount of challenge is what ultimately drives players to come back, so you will be the "Master Guardian of Fun".

Your main duties:

  • Create, assess, re-balance and tune new and existing levels, according to the target audience

  • Adjust level design and level progression according to the latest analytics data received and also from players feedback

  • Have a bird-eye view over the whole level progression of the game, carefully planning the player journey from day 1 and up to several years

  • Ideate new game mechanics that build upon existing ones and provide new opportunities for level design while sticking to the game's core

  • Proactively propose improvements for the level creation and management tools, for a more efficient and user-friendly workflow

  • Ensure level consistency across the title, keeping updated documentation about level design best practices for the game

  • Remain up-to-date with Level and Game Design literature and best practices

And it would be best if you have:

  • A genuine passion for games, especially mobile casual ones

  • Experience and/or knowledge of level design for casual/puzzle games

  • Ability to empathize with the target audience needs for an optimal user experience

  • Solid understanding knowledge of game balancing and pacing

  • Experience working within a game production team and/or knowledge of game production best practices

  • A down-to-earth personality with a team-centered approach to working. We have no big egos in our studio, and we'd like to keep it that way!

Mandatory possession of valid work permit for Spain