Technical Artist


  • Work with art team and programmers to create art and bring it into the engine.

  • Support artists and engineers in the use of the 3D art pipeline and user-facing engine tools

  • Provide hands-on support to artists and engineers in regard to asset performance and validation

  • Review creative process and identify opportunities for tool improvements

  • Develop 3D art pipeline tools and extensions with an eye towards usability and efficiency

  • Solve challenging technical issues in the 3D asset pipeline

  • Collaborate with engineers and testers to diagnose and resolve in-game problems

  • Inspire and empower the art team to optimize their processes

  • Collaborate with partner studios to share technology and best practices

Experience Requirements

  • Minimum 2 year experience in a digital art content creation pipeline, ideally in the video game industry

  • Experience as a Modeler, VFX Artist in game industry

  • Professional experience as a technical artist/tools programmer.

  • The number and variety of tech-art areas of interest in your past activity is also important.

  • Experienced developing custom tools for Digital Content Creation tools (Blender or other similar software)

  • Knowledge of high level coding language. (Python, MaxScript, Perl, C#, etc.)

  • Experience with shader development in a 3D modeling package (e.g. Blender) and/or game engine (e.g. Unity).

Mandatory a valid work permit for Spain.